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    years: 33
    Paris, France
    style: Techno House
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    Passioned, DJ MISS BROWN, cannot imagine the life without music. From youngest sound àge, she begins to play the piano, and Will make, afterward, left a group of rock. However it is grace in this experiment that she learns the song and Electric guitar. Artist écléctique, it is with the electronic music that she finds finally her way!! It is during his her Holidays summer to SITGES in Spain, where The evenings are considered and the music ennivrante, which MISS BROWN had a click. On 2005, she participates in innauguration the "bar 224". Some mix in the evenings in clubs of The region ORLEANAISE, its sets are d an electro house nature / progressive! her music, very tendency and always in her Research for novelties, where highly-rated sound avangardiste! In 2007 she tracked down by the organizers of the evenings "GOUTTE DIOR" During a scéne/live in L "ASTROLABE" for evening "PLUG" who has her allowed d to go to mix directly in club mythical PULP in PARIS, for a set very electro participates in the evening "THE DEMENCE" in the discotheque THE KA in the evening electro house in The discotheque "X' TREM BI" in NANTES with Samantha MAYER.. Organize the evening DELICIOUS MIX at the discotheque LA CENTRALE, she will play, in an exceptional place THE HOT BOAT in STRASBOURG!! Also during the evening "COSY MIX" in DREUX, Incoutournable during the evening electro in "the MOOG" ( Orléans) with a well appreciated set!! 2008, begins will be the return on The scène/live of L "ASTRLOLABE" for evening PLUG in front of a very present public, who he in given well the return during its set 100 % progressive!! She always moves farther, there quète of musical sensations!!her residence on Web Radio E-KONCEPT Where, she had her own émission "DELICIOUS MIX" and now, on NOIZECONCEPT-RADIO.FR. May 7th, 2008, for sound everything First festival outdoor electro the city of Orléans simply made call to DJ MISS BROWN to play with ANTOINE CLAMARAN / VINCE and MARTIN SOLVEIG / jay SEBAG, in front of more than 15 000 persons. her performance is proved from his her The first ones played beats. DJ MISS BROWN put in action her knowledge in her warm-up and the closing!! DJ miss BROWN gives sound Better behind the platinums, in GAY PRIDE on 2008 in TOURS...LIVING ROOM (Strasbourg)..THE LOVE-LOVE (ROYAN)..L EMBUSKADE (SARREBOURG)..SHERATON- ATMOSPHERE CLUB( ORAN/ALGERIE)..LE GARDEL'S CLUB(ORLEANS)... AOUT 2008, her associates with AUREL PERCU, a very talented Percussioniste exceptional!! Which became this day its Percussioniste-Officiel. together, they form an duet outstanding!! MISS BROWN, made dance they peoples everywhere where she goes!! Her music is very near to the meditéranéen style, she envisages one day the production, but in the meantime, the best remains to come, the propositions are there, then to follow................................................ BOOKING: CONTACT@ALLCONNECTIONS-WEB.COM
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